I was glancing through my LinkedInfeed this morning and noticed Leadership Coach, Ken Sharrar, asking “What is your story?”

Hmmm…my story is always evolving.  I am a serial entrepreneur and of course ideas flow constantly.  Determining which of those ideas can be profitable is the question I always have.  But my entrepreneur story starts about ten years ago in a building at Hill AFB, UT where I was writing database software for the 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron (RADES).  I got hired as an Oracle DBA but was also a talented.Net programmer, so a few information systems became born or enhanced during my time there.  I love writing software and data has always been my thing.  I love getting information out of a relational database and formatting to fit what the user wants.  I was perfectly happy being a cube rat.

When I started at the RADES, I was just going through a divorce.  My husband had moved out the weekend before I started.  It was not expected although we had issues for a while.  So the first week I was in shock but also relieved.  So while my personal life was in strife, I had to turn my life around and take care of my three teenage kids so that their life was somewhat normal.  I poured myself into my work and managed to run the kids around to all their activities. 

I never thought about being an entrepreneur although as I look back I can see I had tendencies.  I sold things door to door as a child.  I had ADHD so my mom was constantly shoving me out the door, so I didn’t drive her crazy.  I wasn’t good in school until I was a teenager, and I always got good grades while being involved in FBLA, sports, and band.  I grew up in a penniless single mom household.  From meager beginnings came the experience in how to work hard to achieve results.

I was working in the RADES for about two years when I got the call that would change my career forever.  The call that came was from Vincent Kinsey.  He was working for IHSand was trying to integrate an RFIDtag into a Hazardous Material system called HMMS at Edwards AFB in California.  As a single mom, I had to consider my family first.  Then I thought, I have skills, what would be the worst thing that would happen?  My kids might have to sleep on somebody’s couch for a month or two.  It doesn’t hurt children to experience hard times. 

I jumped in and became a sub to MECX, and Sensory Technology Consultants became born.  That was in June of 2006.  It is so hard to believe that I have worked for myself all of that time.  Sensory Technology Consultants has since become Dynagrace Enterprises and is a 100 percent women-owned small business and we are 8(a) certified.  My kids never slept on anybody’s couch, and I managed to give them an excellent lifestyle.

No matter what your story is, you can be successful.  Don’t let anything stop you and don’t be afraid to take risks.  Believe in yourself and your abilities and you will go far.