Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be known as a genius? Some people have the title of genius. Here are some that are known as the smartest women in the world.

Genius by IQ’s

An Intelligence quotient (IQ) is a total score based on several standard exams designed to assess human intelligence. The scale can range from 70-140+. The average IQ is 90-110. Here is a free test.

Let’s look at who these women are.

Chess board showing check mate

Source: Pxhere

First, let’s look at chess.

Judit Pulgar grew up in a family where her father educated his daughters at home. The education centered around chess. Chess, you might say! Yes, chess. At the age of 15 years old she became the youngest Grandmaster at chess. Her IQ was 170. She is a career Chess Grandmaster to this day. Amazing!

Next, we learn about a few other women.

Marilyn vos Savant became part of the Guinness World Record of highest IQ of 190. At the age of 10, she took the Stanford-Benet test and got over 200. She had a career in real estate, stocks, and investments. She then became a writer.

Dr. Manahel Thalbet Ph.D. became the youngest and only Arab to obtain a Ph.D. in Financial Engineering plus a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics. She has an IQ of 168. She came up with the formula to calculate the distance in space without using light in 2012.

Can you imagine getting a bachelor’s degree at age 13?

Math equations on a board

Source: Pxhere

Ruth Lawrence accomplished that. At age 13 she received her BA degree in mathematics which she improved and earned her D.Phil. Then she continued and received another degree but this time in physics. She is now a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Einstein Institute of Mathematics. Her knowledge has created math problems that we won’t even have capabilities of creating until further down the road.  Her IQ is 175

Computer genius

Edith Stern was known as a child prodigy. Her intelligence was called “the Edith Project” by her father. By the age of 5, she had read through the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. At the age of 15, she earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics. By the age of 18, she had received her master’s degree. At the age of 16, she was teaching college Trigonometry. Later she began working for IBM as a computer consultant. Eventually, she became a Vice President in the Research and Development Department. At the age of 5, her IQ was between 196-205. Her mother always worried that her husband, Aaron Stern, would cause harmful social and mental health of their daughter with his push for her prodigy. In the end, Aaron and his wife were very proud of the success Edith had become and how much she loved what she had become.