Is there such a thing in the current realm of the internet? Can you truly remain stealthy in your personal life when everything is posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social networking sites? I choose to embrace the fact that I am transparent on the internet and methodically post things about myself to ensure my image. I am currently in the process of human branding myself to embark on a new business adventure. The only way to truly do that is to write about what you know and be who you are. The old cliché “I’ve Gotta Be Me” is one of my favorite sayings.

Society gravitates toward genuine people because of the increasing gift of detecting who a person is by the integrity of their actions and words. Craig NewMark, founder of, says “’Trust is the new black.’ I totally agree with this statement and I think being trustworthy is trendy and cool.

I am trustworthy. I keep my word. I let people know about me through my social networking sites. I find having trustworthy behavior in business creates long term relationships. If I share a little too much then so be it. People know who I am.