Step back in perspective, open your heart and welcome transition into a new phase of life. ~Linda Rawson

Stepping back in perspective

My perspective in life has focused on finding somebody to share my life with, a life companion, if you will.  The reality is I have lots of life companions.  I have loved, been loved and am never truly alone.  In the last month, I have had contact with many pages of my past that I thought were long gone including a very painful passing of a past love.  Some I find delightful and others I wish never to contact me again.  It seems the bottom feeders are out in full force while I am coming to the top for air and food.

Opening my heart

I am opening my heart to positive, like-minded, people.  I refuse to let toxic people into my life and have set boundaries.  By closing the pages of my past that don’t benefit me, I can find peace and open my heart to meaningful relationships.

Welcoming transition

My approach to work and my environment is shifting with a new approach. I used to be a strong workhorse that never stopped until the job was done at any sacrifice.  I am switching to a smooth operator and working smart.  Realizing personal relationships don’t always last a lifetime and making the most of family and friends.  Change is good and offers the ability to bring new in.