Choosing a business name can be one of the most difficult parts of starting a business because of the availability of the name or the domain.  The company I have had since 2006 had just gone through a trademark suit that could have been won with a lot of litigation.  I didn’t want to change the company name from Sensory Technology Consultants but because of the thought of expensive litigation we had to change.

I happened to find the domain available but only after extensive help from family and friends including a Facebook “Name my company” page.  For DynaGrace Enterprises, I went to Business Name Generator.  I started with my grandmother’s name, Olive Grace.  I was like how many companies have that name.  Well, it turns out a few have derivatives of that name.  But then I liked Grace.  Now I don’t share my middle name very often because my brother’s always used it when I tripped.  But now that I am an adult I love the name and think it is beautiful.

So what did I want to portray in my company besides elegance and grace?  Well, we aren’t dancers or ballerinas but I did want the feminine aspect in the name.  What would make it better?  How about a word meaning power or strength?  So I went to the Thesaurus and entered “power”.  I got several words, but one stood out, “dynamism”.   Then I went to and looked up the word “dyna”.  The definition was perfect, a combining form meaning “power,” used in the formation of compound words. 

A quick search on domain names revealed that was available, and DynaGrace Enterprises was born.  I felt incredibly lucky, and we had a meaningful name that combined into a great tagline, “Between POWER and GRACE lie EXCELLENCE.” 
Coming up with a name turned out to be the easy part.  After changing the name with the State of Utah, there were other things to consider especially in the realm of government contracting.  I will outline those steps in a subsequent blog article.