We have all heard the popular song Let it Go from the Disney movie Frozen performed by Idina Menzel.  The words are profound:

Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door!

I certainly have invisible shackles that hold me back from achieving the most I can be but I realize them, and I work on them.  I believe there are six steps in letting go and realizing your full potential:

1. Let go of the past
2. Walk away from Life Energy Suckers
3. Let go of Fears
4. Embrace Change
5. Be Grateful
6. Live in the Moment

Let Go of the Past

You can’t start a new chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one.  
~ Author Unknown

Our memories exist, and good or bad memories can be triggered by many causes.  I journal and have for over 20 years.  I can read about my past and put it into perspective.  I am only human, and I have made mistakes.  I keep learning and growing from my mistakes and also my successes.  This year marked a death of a past boyfriend that was truly a turning point in my life.  His sudden death made me realize again how short life is but how I had taken his friendship for granted.  I truly miss being able to call him whenever at any time of day and be able to have that support system.

But I am not going to let my past control my present.  I can constantly relive the moments with him, or I can tuck them safely away and try to create new moments.  He was partly responsible for me starting my business and for getting me out of my comfort zone.  He taught me about wanting more.  Working hard to play harder and the joy of traveling.  He taught me great life lessons, but as much as I want him to be in my present and future, he is my past.   I have to let go of his memory and take the lessons into the present and future.  By dwelling and reliving moments I am letting the past control my present.

Walk Away from Life Energy Suckers

We all know that person who hangs around just to suck the living “life energy” out of you.  You feel exhausted, bored, anxious, irritated, stressed, threatened, overwhelmed or depressed about 30 seconds after they speak.  These unhealthy attachments bring about delays in our progression of our goals. 

Another energy sucker is a person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them, an askhole.  I love to help people.  I love entrepreneurs and have either donated to their projects or even housed them temporarily until they got their project off the ground.  But if a person in my life does not respect or take my advice then I am ready to help someone who will utilize my help.  My mother used to say, and I am unsure who the original author is but “you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves.”

Free up the time that the “life energy” suckers are taking by establishing strong personal boundaries and enforce them by saying “No.”  I strive to spend time with people who are happy, motivated, curious, wanting to learn, positive, and full of integrity.  A “life energy” sucker does not fit in with my goals and aspirations.  I will decide whom I spend my time with.

Let Go of Fears

Do you have one of those fears that plague you?  I have several that debilitate me somewhat.   The fear of falling, Acrophobia (fear of heights), and Atychiphobia (the fear of failure).  So what do I do about it?  I force myself out of my comfort zone.  I went skydiving this year for the second time.  Now mind you my eyes were closed this time, but I still got myself out of the airplane at 14,000 feet.  It was tough, the airplane was really small, my foot got stuck, and the instructor was mean and ornery. 

Then on one of my hiking adventures I got stuck on a slick rock about 15 or 20 feet up and my fear of falling kicked in and a friend had to come up and hold my hand to get down.  That one was the worst as I had a small panic attack.  I hug a wall every time there is a drop-off, but I continue to push myself.  Huyana Picchu and the Inca Trail in Peru were both challenging, but I made it.  Your fears are a roadblock so get out of your own way by facing your fears and working through them.

Embrace Change

The hardest change in life is the changes we need but don’t want.  I realize I am the only one that can initiate, incorporate and execute change in my life.  I am in control.  This month has had me housing several members of the Jamaican Bobsled Team.  I provide housing and in return, I get to experience true joy and happiness from the Islanders who completely apply the mantra “don’t worry, be happy.”  The team members are truly optimistic and happy go lucky and embrace change. 

We go through a lot in life.  We go through change, difficult times, loss and sorrow, extreme happiness and joy and that forces change again. It is a never-ending stream of changes in our lives as well as accepting those changes.

I find the easiest way to embrace change is to be open and listen to new ideas.  Seasoned entrepreneurs have a lot of advice that if you simply ask questions and really listen to their answers, you will get profound ideas for your own business.

I am constantly finding ways to motivate myself and increase my personal productivity.  I have to change my daily activities and add structure.  I have to make time for personal physical and emotional growth to ensure my highest capabilities.  I want to defeat my fear of failure and succeed by facing it head on with positive change.

Be Grateful

I try to simplify my life, love people, be compassionate and caring, communicate honestly and truthfully with integrity, and remember there is always another person or many other people who have it so much worse.

Life is not perfect, but my life doesn’t suck.  I put my life in perspective and see the good as well as the bad.  I really have nothing to complain about.  I am very talented and have a great family and many close friends as well as business acquaintances.  I have a home, car and a career that I love.  I realize what I have, and I am so grateful.

Live in the moment

When you truly live in the moment, you increase your awareness of the little things.  I am mindful of other people’s talents, their small acts of kindness, their willingness to share their life experiences and how I can incorporate unique and meaningful experiences into my own life.  Each day is a blank page that can be filled with new unique and meaningful experiences.  Doing something new or meeting someone new adds to my already full life and I love those moments.  They bring a breath of fresh air.

In conclusion, it is a great reminder to let go of everything holding you back and live in the present while progressing toward a bigger and brighter future with hope, anticipation, and excitement for the positive things that are going to come.  Maintaining a positive attitude and letting go of the things that bind you will bring positive results when the timing is right.