First of all, I am not a “gamer.” I do not even watch TV. So how on earth did I decide that a board game would be a good lead generator for my invention, the WeatherEgg™?

I launched this game on Kickstarter this week and I would love to have your help. Please donate if you can. I also have a pledge that will get this gift to your favorite child by Christmas.

How hard could a board game be?

I played Monopoly, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Risk and Pictionary. I see my grandkids and nieces and nephews buried in their phones. Nobody has a conversation anymore face-to-face it is all on the “computer.”

I worked on software to hardware interface for the Hand Held Real Time Climatic Sensor (HHRTCS), for a company called Virtual Technology, LLC.  I knew from writing that interface how to access the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data and what was important to gather. The important weather measurements being humidity, air pressure, ambient temperature, wind speed and wind direction.

Since product development takes a long time, I decided to be proactive and teach kids about weather. The first products would be coloring books, a board game and soon, a hardware appliance. The hardware appliance is being developed with a local firm called Klugonxy.

What about those WeatherEgg™ Kids?

The first concept was introducing four animated humanoid children, the Weatheregg™ Kids, to enhance the teaching of kids about weather. The following are descriptions of the characters:

Tommy Temperature: Tommy Temperature raises and lowers the temperature. He always tried to do his best, and his cape helps him to be a hero.

Holley Humidity: Holley Humidity is full of rain. She loves to rain, and that is why her head is shaped like a raindrop, and she is the color of a raindrop.

Peggy Pressure: Peggy Pressure is a moody girl. She likes to lower the air pressure which causes storms. When she raises her amulet…LOOK OUT!

Wesley Wind: Wesley Wind can be a mischief maker. He will blow a nice cool breeze on a sunny day, or he will part of a hurricane.

This has been quite the endeavor with the original sketches going to much more refined 3D models done in Blender by a freelancer on Fiverr.

Original Sketches

Current Models

Up next, Coloring Books

I had written a book in CreateSpace so I thought how hard could a coloring book be. I started with common weather words and decided to come up with one for every letter of the alphabet. I again acquired the illustrations from a freelance on Fiverr and put the book together. Then I had them translated into Spanish, French and German. But oops, those languages don’t translate from A-Z so the titles changed and a series was born. Here are the books which are all available on Amazon.

  1. WeatherEgg Kids: Weather from A-Z: Coloring Book
  2. WeatherEgg Kids: Palabras del clima: Libro de colorear (Volume 1) (Spanish Edition)
  3. WeatherEgg Kids: Les mots de la meteo: Livre de coloriage (Volume 1) (French Edition)
  4. WeatherEgg Kids: Wetter Worte: Malbuch (Volume 1) (German Edition)

Then another crazy thought happened. A board game. What?

I found a website that had templates, The Game Crafter. I delved into Adobe Illustrator with the help of Scott Stringham. I grilled my son Ray Rawson on strategy. It was his idea for the spinner. I came up with weather facts and I wrote the PHP program that generated the cards. We made sure the descriptions were short enough and acquired images that were free to use. I have worked long and hard on this idea.

I had a mission.  I wanted to teach kids about weather science.

You can see the progression in these images.

Where is this idea today?

I have a prototype. I launched this game on Kickstarter this week and I would love to have your help. Please donate if you can. I also have a pledge that will get this gift to your favorite child by Christmas.

Watch the live launch of the Kickstarter on Youtube

Donate to the Kickstarter Campaign here

Let’s all get excited about science, in particular, WEATHER SCIENCE!

Linda Rawson, is the CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises, ( which is a Women-Owned, 8(a) Minority, Small Business. She is also the author of The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts.

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