Jen Sincero, like me, loves to write.

She became an entrepreneur in her 40s, has the same attitude about hard work as I do and has gotten past her mental blocks so I can relate very heavily to Sincero.  She believes that she can train her mind to attract the ability to earn money and keep it.  Practice the law of abundance if you will.  The book is a delightful listen on Audible where she narrates the book.  Her stories are funny, allowed me to think about my attitude, and what I may be attracting and her advice is spot on.

I loved her motivational stories about herself, her family and others like Jim Carrey.  She has many success stories about clients that have taken her advice as a coach.

I could not believe that she spent $85,000 on coaching after borrowing the money to pay for that coaching from a friend.

Her discussion of the universe (or a higher power) is a similar belief that I have.  You attract what you put out into the universe.  If you are negative, then negative things happen.  If you are positive and believe then eventually, success comes your way.  Success is in you, and the universe wants you to succeed.  I had several aha moments throughout the book and listened over and over to individual chapters.  It is time to get rid of the doubts, fears, and excuses that relate to money and know that my bank account is open and ready to receive earnings from my hard work.

I read her book.  My internal beliefs and mindset surrounding money is changing for the better. I grew up poor and sometimes that minimalist attitude is still there. I put my abundance affirmations on post it notes.  I put dollar bills everywhere in the car, my bedroom, my laptop bag, and the kitchen.  I honestly am trying to change my mindset which according to Sincero is an inside job.  The very next day after I did this I had a check show up in the mail for an overpayment.  I hope that is the start of many more checks and ACH transfers showing up.

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