Government contract awards need to meet socioeconomic goals.  The fact that DynaGrace Enterprises (DGE) is both a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) as well as an 8(a) makes DGE count in multiple socioeconomic categories for these objectives. Formal goals are in place by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to ensure small businesses, like DGE, especially those with socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, get work from the Government. Marketing the socioeconomic advantage to customers as a way for them to meet their SBA goals is an important marketing strategy. DGE utilizes several places to determine socioeconomic marketing targets:

  1. The SBA produces a scorecard for 24 agencies required to report the socioeconomic goals of their procurement activities. For Fiscal Year 2014 the document is titled FY 2014 Scorecard Summary by Prime Spend with Sub K and Plan Progress Document and is represented in the following graphic. 
  2. FY 2014 SBA Scorecard Summary

    According to the data, DGE should market the following agencies:

    Agencies that did not meet their WOSB goals

    Agencies that did not meet their SDB goals

  3. DGE utilizes the Small Business Dashboard to analyze potential marketing targets. The data can be up to 90 days delayed in posting, but it still gives a visual picture of socioeconomic percentage trends. The following represents a partial listing of this data. According to the Small Business Dashboard, DGE will target the following agencies:
  4. Agencies that did not meet their WOSB goals

    Agencies that did not meet their SDB goals

    Small Business Dashboard
Once marketing targets are identified DGE queries the Federal Business Opportunities, FedBizOpps (FBO) and discovers procurement opportunities by Agency and then further defined by North American Classification System (NAICS) code. DGE can approach the procurement official about utilizing WOSB or 8(a) set asides for their procurement effort to meet their socioeconomic goals. Also, physical visits or digital email by DGE business development personnel and attendance at agency conferences is a must for the socioeconomic marketing plan to succeed.

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